natural homemade hand cream

Simple Homemade Hand Cream

We also put our hands through a lot of wear and tear, with frequent washing and hand sanitiser, which strips the natural oils from our skin. To soothe dry, chapped hands, the best remedy is a rich, nourishing hand cream. And because you are using it every day on your skin, it is best that the cream you use is natural.
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natural vapour rub

Natural Vapour Rub

As the cooler months roll in, so do the pesky cold and flu symptoms. Vapour Rub can help to relieve coughing or can be added to hot water and inhaled to help with a blocked nose and heavy breathing due to a cold. As you are breathing in and absorbing the ingredients of this product, it is good to know what the vapour rub is made up of. For this reason, it can be safer (and more cost efficient) to make your own!
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