Shipping & Delivery

For Local Delivery:

We offer a local delivery service to selected areas around greater Bunbury, WA. We currently deliver to the following postcodes:

6230, 6232, 6233, 6226, 6227, 6236, 6237

Delivery charges range from $5-$8 depending on your postcode and will be calculated at checkout.

We do delivery runs to the different areas of Bunbury once a week, so it may take up to a week for your order to be delivered.

If you are not home when your order is delivered, we will leave it at your address. If you are not comfortable with this we are happy to deliver to workplaces. If there are any particular delivery instructions you want us to adhere to, you can let us know in the 'Delivery Instructions' section at checkout.

For Postal Orders:

We aim to ship your order as soon as we can from Bunbury, Western Australia (Monday - Friday).  Our store is fully stocked and items online are not for sale unless they are available to send, but occasionally there may be a delay due to stock supply - in which case we will let you know within 24 hours.  

Should you require urgent delivery, consider upgrading to Express Post. While we can not guarantee delivery by a certain date, you will be sure to get your delivery quicker than standard shipping! 

HEAVY ORDER EXCEPTIONS: An additional cost may apply for orders, that are over a certain weight or size, resulting in higher freight costs,  compared to the sales total.  We will contact you first to approve any additional charge. Also, some heavy/large items may have an extra postage cost that is specified in the description of the product, and we will try to ensure that all products give advance notice of possible surcharges, but we may in some circumstances miss products, and apologise for these oversights, however, reserve the right to contact you and seek permission to charge a surcharge where required. If you choose not to pay the surcharge, the transaction will be cancelled and any money paid by you the customer, will be refunded, as per our refunds policy.

 Safe delivery & Authority to Leave

  • Most orders are sent by Australia Post services ensuring that your order can be tracked. Occasionally we also use selected couriers.
  • If no-one will be at home during the day, you might consider having the order shipped to a work address.
  • At checkout, there is an option to select a shipping method which requires a Signature on Delivery, to ensure your parcel is not left at an unattended address. This method costs an additional $2.95 as per Australia Post charges. If you do not select 'Signature on Delivery' the postie may leave your package at your address even if you are not home.
  • Please note, if you select the cheaper option which does not require a signature, you take responsibility should the order go missing after it is delivered.

Loss & damage

  • For any items that arrive broken or faulty, they will be replaced if we are notified within 7 days of receipt.

    For items that arrive broken or damaged, please email us a photograph within 7 days to and we will guide you through the replacement process.

  • If your package has been 'stuck in transit' for longer than expected please let us know so we can lodge a 'missing package investigation' with Australia Post. Every missing package will be assigned a unique case number by Australia Post and can take up to 2-4 weeks to locate.

  • If the package was delayed due to an incorrect or incomplete address, the item should be returned to us. To have this package resent to the correct address, there will be further charges for the appropriate postage fee if the error with the address was not ours.
  • We do not accept liability for any loss or damage arising from items lost, stolen or damaged after delivery has taken place.
  • We will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from late delivery. 

Why and How we ship our "Weigh & Pay" products?

Our dry goods are generally sent in paper bags or reusable cotton Calico drawstring sacks. If you order 500g or more of any powder, flour, salt or beans ect your product will be packed into a Calico sack.

If it is under 500g, it will be sent in a brown paper bag.

Certain products we have found through trial and error, need to be sent in something that is oil resistant. For example, coconut products, such a coconut flakes, release oil and can make a big mess, or Magnesium Chloride flakes which looks like a salt, but turns to an oil if exposed to moist air for too long, which tends to make paper bags turn to mush, and orders arrive in a less than ideal state! So we use compostable corn starch zip lock bags for most of these tricky items, but Aloe Vera Gel with its high water content leaks through the compostable material, and we have to resort to standard plastic ziplock bags. Wherever possible, we try to use an environmentally friendly alternative and to send with as little plastic as possible.

Alternatively, if you would like your order sent completely plastic free, and are happy to pay the higher freight costs, then you are awesome and we are ecstatic to do this! Just call or email us prior to placing your order, and we will calculate a price for you. This depends on the products ordered. If you want liquids and gels, we need to use glass or aluminium to achieve zero plastic, and glass is heavy and aluminium containers add cost.

We generally choose not to send our products in glass for two reasons. Cost and Breakages. Glass is awesome, until you have to post it! It is heavy and fragile, plus it is expensive to buy, and costs A LOT MORE to post. It is bulky, rigid and heavy, all factors push the freight charges up, and there is less chance that it will arrive in one piece. Plus, the sad truth is that even though many people believe that glass is better because it is recyclable, but Australia has a giant stockpile of glass sitting unused, and the rest is used for road base, as most manufactures don’t use recycled glass as it is cheaper to use virgin materials. So, for these reasons, we don’t ship using glass, unless requested.

For oils and liquids, we use food safe PET plastic liquid pouches with screw on lids. If there is another alternative out there that is reasonably cost effective, please let us know! We looked into the foil pouches used in the wine industry, but the cost of the pouch ended up being more than the product in a lot of cases!

We hope that you can see that using plastic zip lock bags and liquid pouches is not a choice we make for convenience or purely cost savings, but is a result of trial and error sending products all over Australia. We think our postal service is pretty amazing and reliable, however, the parcels have a long way to travel and there are a few rough handlers out there that test the packaging to the extreme.

At Eco Warehouse, we are about providing access to alternatives, and support a wide variety of causes including but not limited to plastic waste reduction, reducing chemicals in the home, DIY cosmetics and cleaning products, Vegan products, Fair Trade, Zero Palm Oil, Organic Foods and several others. Unfortunately, sometimes one value clashes with another, and this is a perfect example. We really hate single use plastics, and plastics that can’t be recycled at the end of life, but at the same time, we strongly encourage people to make their own cosmetics and cleaning products to reduce nasty chemicals around their homes and families. We do a lot towards reducing single use plastics, and ultimately want to stay in business to keep providing these alternatives and making them readily available to everyone. To do this, we need to keep with the times and provide online website sales and hence posting orders, and at the same time, ensure that orders get to the destinations in good condition.

Every order we pack, we are trying to do it with as little waste as possible.

  • We do not purchase padding or protective brown paper, noodles, bubble wrap or air cushions and solely use the packaging materials that are sent to us to protect goods in our packages.
  • Occasionally, we will REUSE some bubble wrap on glass items, or REUSE an air cushion to reduce weight and protect fragile products, but we feel this is better than just throwing it in the bin.
  • We use gummed paper tape instead of standard packing tape on our boxes.
  • We try to send out our orders using reused boxes such as tissue boxes, cereal boxes, donated product boxes and boxes from our shop floor. We don’t use fancy printed and branded boxes. We reuse everything we can, and use a rubber stamp to brand the boxes when there is a space!
  • We do use Australia Post satchels to make the postage affordable when necessary. If possible, we will send orders in a box only, but unfortunately the Australia Post pricing structure favours using their satchel bags even over their branded boxes (which is crazy!). We are only a small family owned business, and in order to keep our pricing low and competitive, we have to use the most economical postage method available. If you would like to have your order sent plastic free and in a box not a satchel, and are willing to pay for the extra postage, please email us prior to placing your order and we will provide a quote to this for you.