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They call these Shampoo with a Purpose!

Made by Clover Fields, not only do they clean your hair and leave it feeling clean and soft by using awesome ingredients like Argan Oil, Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil, Ginseng and Avocado Oil just to name a few, but they are completely plastic free and zero waste. 

Packaged in a cardboard box and completely naked on entry into your world, these little babies will become an essential part of your environmentally conscious world!

With a different formula to suit every type of hair Clover Field have made a bar that will replace up to SIX bottles of regular liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Why not give them a go, your hair and our environment deserve it!

  • Palm Oil Free & of its derivatives
  • Sulphate Free
  • Perfect for Travel (No liquids to leak!)
  • Kid Friendly - mild & non-irritating
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Plastic Free - save 6 bottles with each bar!
  • Awesome value for money
Enviroclean Fabric Softener & Conditioner 1L

Enviroclean Fabric Softener & Conditioner 1L

by Enviroclean

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Softens clothes, gentle on our environment. Plant-based fabric softener helps keep clothes, sheets and other fabrics looking and feeling wonderfully soft. Suitable for Front and Top Loader machines, and all water temperatures.

NO Chlorine

NO Synthetic Fragrances

NO Phosphates

Instructions for Use

Contains anti static properties that condition, detangle & separate fibres in the final rinse making ironing easier & clothes last longer. Should NOT be poured directly onto clothes. Add 13ml to 25ml to rinse dispenser in machine depending on load size & softness required.

Handwash: Add 13ml to 5ltrs water in final rinse.

Euca Fabric Conditioner  - Eucalyptus - 15L

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6230, 6232, 6233, 6226, 6227, 6236, 6237

We will NOT POST due to the bulky nature of this product and high freight costs.

Refunds cost us fees. If we have to refund you because you have purchased this item and you don't live in the postcodes listed above, we will refund you for the product price minus any fees we will be charged for doing so. 

A 15L box of Euca Fabric Conditioner - Eucalyptus scent.

Please note: We do not hold stock of this product. As such, it may take several weeks for this product to be delivered to you. We will contact you in the event of any stock shortages which may significantly delay the delivery. 

An Australian made highly concentrated final wash aid that will enrich your fabrics to make them feel luxurious, softer, and fresher. The best part is it will also make your ironing easier!

It has anti-static properties that make it particularly good for all synthetic blend fabrics.

Euca Fabric Conditioner utilises Australian Eucalyptus oil to clean and deodorise naturally. With a low allergenic formula which is great for those with sensitive skin, it is a great option for the whole family!

20ml per normal load, or up to 40ml for a large load. Use less , save money.

Premium Concentrate Fabric Softener.
Anti-static properties perfect for synthetic blends.
No added pefumes.
Sodium and Phosphate free.
Low allergenic.
Ideal in Hot or Cold Water.
Suitable for Front and Top Loaders.
Suitable for septic, bio and greywater systems. Safe to use in modern sewage treatment systems and traditional septic systems.