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They call these Shampoo with a Purpose!

Made by Clover Fields, not only do they clean your hair and leave it feeling clean and soft by using awesome ingredients like Argan Oil, Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil, Ginseng and Avocado Oil just to name a few, but they are completely plastic free and zero waste. 

Packaged in a cardboard box and completely naked on entry into your world, these little babies will become an essential part of your environmentally conscious world!

With a different formula to suit every type of hair Clover Field have made a bar that will replace up to SIX bottles of regular liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Why not give them a go, your hair and our environment deserve it!

  • Palm Oil Free & of its derivatives
  • Sulphate Free
  • Perfect for Travel (No liquids to leak!)
  • Kid Friendly - mild & non-irritating
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Plastic Free - save 6 bottles with each bar!
  • Awesome value for money
Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush Adult Medium-Bathroom-Eco Warehouse Aus

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush Adult Medium

by Ecotoothbrush

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The bristles contain charcoal reactive ion which can easily adsorb the dental plaque on the surface of teeth to make teeth healthy and white. Ultrafine staggered ends of the bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles can go deep into the various gaps between the teeth to have a deep cleaning, the soft bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles with super adsorption capacity takes care of gums and protects them from injury while brushing.

Moisture proof, Antibacterial
The bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles are more moisture proof and antibacterial than normal bristles which can help to keep the bristles dry, keep away from bacterium breeding, leaving the mouth more comfortable, healthy with clean, and white teeth.

What types are available?
That is an easy one to answer - Although most dentists will only recommend a SOFT bristle we have found that approx 45% of Australians use a Medium toothbrush... So the toothbrush is available in both Soft and Medium. 

The Handle
We use MOSO bamboo - why - because bamboo is part of the grass family so we are not cutting down trees - MOSO Bamboo is one of the fastest growing bamboos in the world and our friendly PANDAS do not like to eat it.

We do not use PLANTATION Bamboo we give the local farmers an income from land that is really only good for growing Bamboo.... And YES they are manufactured in CHINA - FAIR TRADED which means everyone gets a fair go and a fair pay.

Price is per toothbrush. 

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This 95R safety razor is the best selling Parker safety razor and is quite simply a work of art. 

The design is a harmonious blend of the modern and the traditional. Parker razors are so easy to use, they are ideal for those new to double edge razors. Its dimensions and handling are very much inspired by late 19th century razors whilst the styling is contemporary yet understated. A groove near the base allows the finger to sit naturally while holding the razor, for an effortless, smooth shave.

The slightly longer than usual long polished nickel handle is of medium to heavy weight, feeling reassuringly firm in the hand yet having perfect balance when shaving. 

Features the distinctive Parker ‘butterfly’ opening mechanism whereby the base of the handle is twisted to open the head – undoubtedly the simplest and safest way to insert the traditional double edge safety razor blades.

·       Parker 95r Safety Razor

·       Handle Lenght: 10.2 cm

·       Total Length: 11cm.

     Weight: 86 grams

** Please Note - Razors do NOT come with razor blades. These will need to be purchased separately. 


Frank Shaving Brush - 100% Natural Badger Bristles