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Few suppliers of Sodium Bicarb could boast that their product is of Natural origin, and fewer still could lay claim to a Natural Sodium Bicarb that is also Organic, but we can! Our Bicarb is recognised as Organic in the USA by a leading USA and Canadian Organic Certifier! 


From generation to generation Sodium Bicarbonate has earned a reputation as an absolute necessity in many a household. Affectionately known as Bicarb of Soda, or baking soda, and it is accepted as a safe, versatile, environmental friendly all-round household product with a multitude of uses! Our Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate, which is 'Aluminium Free' USP & Food Grade, is THE very best in Australia! Much of the available Bicarb is a man-made product, not Natural and certainly not Organic! You can also combine sodium bicarb in the bath with magnesium.

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  • Each box has 6 double length rolls of paper towel
  • Each roll contains 120 sheets
  • Super strong 2-ply can handle even the toughest cleanups
  • Sheets are 22.8 x 22.8cm each
  • No trees harmed - made with a blend of bamboo and sugarcane
  • No inks, dyes or scents
  • Biodegradable
Hannahpad Clothpads-Bathroom-Eco Warehouse Aus

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Hannahpads are washable and sustainable clothpads for menstruation, incontinence and postpartum. The pads are made of certified organic cotton layers with a leak proof outer cover. They come with wings that wrap around your underwear to secure comfortably in place with a snap fastener.

- Certified Organic Cotton

- Leak Proof Outer Layer

- Hypoallergenic

- Chemical and perfume free

- Bleach and Dioxin Free

- Eco-friendly

- High Absorbancy

- Economical


** PLEASE NOTE - These pads come in a variety of designs which vary from time to time. The design that you receive will be sent at random. 

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·   Soft 100% Bamboo lining

Insert made of soft bamboo  

Multi Fit - One Size Fits All - Expands as baby grows! 

·     NO Cover Required

·     Breathable – no more nappy rash

·     Durable Long Lasting

Comes with press studs

·     No pins/plastic covers required

·     PUL waterproof outer layer

·     One Size, newborn to toddler 3-18 kg

·     Comfortable elastic around legs

·     Simple and easy to use

·     Wear day & night

·     Slim fitting

·     Includes : 1 x bamboo nappy & 1 x bamboo reusable insert

Eco Basics Produce Bags Organic Cotton Set of 5