About Us

Long gone are the days where you had to be a forest dwelling, hairy, tie died clothing adorned, tree hugging "Hippie" to show that you cared about the environment. (No offence if that describes you and you are just a confused Hipster!)

We got frustrated that waste is so "Normal" in modern society, and that convenience comes before looking after the world we all live on.....and the crazy thing is that in most cases you can have the modern convenience and still be environmentally responsible!

Hence, Eco Warehouse was born!

We want to provide alternative options to people from all walks of life, to fit in with their busy lives, but still improve the state of things. In other words, we want to make the RIGHT choice EASY!

Whether you are a self confessed full blown tree hugger, living a zero waste lifestyle, or just becoming aware of the issues facing our world, Eco Warehouse can help you take a step on your journey.

We are not here to judge, look down on you, or claim that we are perfect! In fact, we have only just begun our journey towards zero waste as well, and are constantly learning from our customers, hearing about amazing products and alternatives, and developing our awareness as we grow.

We are a small family owned business, and together with my wife and two young boys, we run Eco Warehouse from beautiful Bunbury in the amazing and diverse South West of Western Australia. Come in to our showroom and have a chat and try, touch, feel, smell and play with the products.

It was a constant frustration that if we wanted to buy some natural insect repellant for example, that you could only buy online, and couldn't smell or try it first. Well if you are coming past Bunbury, drop in and sample and experience the products before you buy....or don't, that's the difference with good old fashioned physical businesses! 


Michael & Natalie

Eco Warehouse

45 Stephen Street

Bunbury. WA. 6230

(08) 9702 2185


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