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Hannahpad Clothpads-Bathroom-Eco Warehouse Aus

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Hannahpads are washable and sustainable clothpads for menstruation, incontinence and postpartum. The pads are made of certified organic cotton layers with a leak proof outer cover. They come with wings that wrap around your underwear to secure comfortably in place with a snap fastener.

- Certified Organic Cotton

- Leak Proof Outer Layer

- Hypoallergenic

- Chemical and perfume free

- Bleach and Dioxin Free

- Eco-friendly

- High Absorbancy

- Economical


** PLEASE NOTE - These pads come in a variety of designs which vary from time to time. The design that you receive will be sent at random. 

Hannahcup Menstrual Cup - Various Sizes Available

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Periods can be comfortable! Enjoy extreme comfort and freedom on your period when using a hannahCUP. This cup provides leak-free protection for hours as you go about your daily routine. The cup can be worn when staying active and exercising as well as for bedtime use through the night.

12 hours of protection day & night : hannahCUP can be worn between 4-12 hours. 

Insertion & Removal is easy : hannahCUP is the perfect menstrual cup for beginners as it is not too soft nor too firm.

Economical with long term savings : With one eco-purchase this cup is reusable for years replacing all other single use menstrual products.

100% Medical Grade Soft Silicone

Non- Toxic & BPA Free.