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Onya Produce Bags-Reusable Bags-Eco Warehouse Aus

Onya Produce Bags

by Onya

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Onya Reusable Produce Bags are an easy alternative for single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags when shopping.

Crafted from special rPet fabric, our produce bags are made from recycled plastic drink bottles.

With many people trying to attain a closer to zero waste lifestyle, our produce bags allow you to do your weekly shop without the need for single use plastic.

These very light but deceptively strong mesh bags can hold up to 2 kilos of produce and feature a gussett and drawsting tie.

Weighing in at only 10 grams per bag, our reusable produce bags barely register on a scale and the see through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what is inside your produce bag at a glance.

The bags let water/air flow through so you can use them to wash your produce before popping in the fridge, or simply hang them to keep fresh.

Available in either a 5 pack or an 8 pack, these produce bags stuff down into a brightly coloured pouch the size of your fist when not it use and can attach to a belt or bag by way of it’s strong carabiner clip.

Traditional single use plastic bags can also cause ‘sweating’ making the life cycle of your fresh produce much shorter. The open nature of the mesh bags allows your produce to ‘breathe’ which gives it a longer life.

The bags can be washed simply with a cool water handwash when the need arises, or they can be put on a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine.


  • Made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET)
  • Weighing just 10 grams per bag, they are lightweight but strong
  • Each bag can carry up to 2 kilos
  • The bags measure 30cm wide x 25cm high and they have a 2cm gusset along the bottom.
  • Bags feature a gussett and draw string tie
  • See through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what’s inside at a glance
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Other Produce Bag Uses:

Incredibly versatile, our reusable produce bags have been used for everything such as exclusion bags for fruit trees, colanders to wash fresh leafy greens and even fly nets.

There are many other uses for our produce bags.  Please see below for some other handy ways our bags can be used in your everyday life!

  • Bulk Goods: Dried Fruit, Nuts, Grains
  • Laundry bag
  • Nut Milk bag
  • Herb Drying

A note on our packaging: Onya's commitment to sustainablility extends to their packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting!

Onya Reusable Bread Bag-Kitchen-Eco Warehouse Aus

Onya Reusable Bread Bag

by Onya

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Say NO! to single use disposable bread bags, toggles & ties and Hello to these vintage styled reusable Bread Bags designed to carry your bread home in style without any packaging waste!



These reusable Bread Bags are made from up to 10x recycled plastic drink bottles and are designed to replace single use paper or plastic bread bags, plastic toggles and ties.



They are also perfect to use as storage for the home baker. Simply bake, allow your loaf to cool, slice and freeze in your reusable bread bag!



Our Bread Bag is big, measuring 41cm long x 25.5cm wide plus a 10cm gusset, to allow even high top loaves up to 16cm high to fit. (Please watch product videos for further information on Bread Maker loaves)



The Bread Bags have been made to Australian Bakers Industry Standards and our bag dimensions have been modelled off the size of single use plastic bags normally given out at bakeries. So they are designed to fit over most of the machines bakeries use when slicing the bread.



Due to the unique roll and clip closure, you can simply roll down the closure as the loaf is eaten to ensure maximum freshness is maintained by reducing air movement around the bread.



Bread stored in one of these bread bags can last up to 3 months in a frost free freezer and will not sustain freezer burn due to the unique double lining and airtight roll and lock closure.



To clean, you can just pull out the inner lining to dispose of any crumbs and reuse again. You don’t necessarily have to wash it every time, but if you want to, a luke warm hand wash is all that is necessary. We recommend handwashing only, as the metal buckles may get damaged or do damage to the interior of a washing machine.






·       Pull through inner lining for easy cleaning



·       Double lined to help lock in freshness



·       Freezer proof due to the unique double lining helps prevent freezer burn



·       Fits most sized loaves including “high top” loaves up to 16cm high



·       Roll and clip closure also acts as a handle when shopping to make your bread bag a breeze to transport



·       Made from BPA Free foodsafe rPET material (recycled plastic drink bottles)



·       100% Recyclable & Sustainable



·       Measures 41cm long x 25.5cm wide, 10cm gussett



·       Made to Australian Bakers Industry Standards



·       12 month Manufacturers Warranty






Hot Tip:  Most fresh bread purchased at a bakery or made at home is preservative free meaning that your loaf will likely only last 2-3 days stored on your bench top before going stale.  To preserve your bread for longer it is best to freeze your bread when it is cool but fresh.



Ideally, fresh bread should never be stored in the fridge as this more moist environment can encourage bacteria to form along the surface of the bread forming mold.



Please note: The goal for these Onya reusable bread bags is to be able help people to reduce single use plastic waste when purchasing bread from the baker, not to make bread last longer on the bench top.



Although made from recycled plastic drink bottles and technically plastic, the rPET material that makes these bags is woven in nature, not solid state plastic like a single use plastic bread bag which are non-permeable for air and water.



Because of the woven nature of the fabric, a solid state plastic bag will definitely prevent air from reaching the loaf better than these bread bags will when storing your bread on the bench top, which is why we mention that bread will only really last 2-3 days on the bench top, and will likely only be suitable for toast after the first 24hrs. As mentioned above however, these bags are Freezer Proof and store your bread really well when frozen from fresh for up to 3 months without freezer burn in a frost free freezer.



These bread bags are definitely at their best when used to not only collect your bread from the baker, but also for storing your fresh bakery or home baked sliced bread in the freezer.



Axilla Deodorant Paste-Bathroom-Eco Warehouse Aus Sold out

Axilla Deodorant Paste

by Black Chicken Remedies
Sold out


We tend to forget about our armpits and the hard work they do. These patches of skin, home to hundreds of sweat glands help control our body temperate and expel toxins through perspiration. So, the least we can do is give them a helping hand (or finger) and rub some natural Axilla Deodorant Paste into them.

Our unique blend of natural and organic ingredients target and effectively neutralise odour without harmful chemicals or sweat blockers. This means your body can continue to do what it does naturally without smelling funky.

Our awesome deodorant paste:

• Contains only natural and certified organic ingredients
• Does not contain harmful Aluminium Salts or compounds
• Is completely invisible upon application
• Does not contain synthetic fragrances
• Contains pure essential oils and botanical extracts
• Does not contain alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosans or other harmful chemicals
• Vegan friendly and not tested on animals
• Made with love in Australia

Eco Max Bottle Brush-Kitchen-Eco Warehouse Aus Sold out
Eco Max Hand/Nail Brush Medium Bristle-Bathroom-Eco Warehouse Aus

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A double-sided nail brush, handmade from rubberwood and natural Tampico fibre which is found in cactus. Tampico holds 65% more water than plastic, allowing you to scrub your nails without the need for running water and it will not bend and flatten.


- Ethically MAde in Sri Lanka

- Zero Waste. No Plastic, 100% Natural.


Dimensions: 9.5cm long x 3.5cm width x 5cm high


Note: If some bristles fall out during the first few uses….don’t freak out…it is probably just extra fibres that have not been secured during their hand making.

Amor Luminis Hair Shampoo Bar 60g-Hair Care-Eco Warehouse Aus

Amor Luminis Hair Shampoo Bar 60g

by Amor Luminis

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Everyone knows about bars of soap....but what about bars of Hair Shampoo, or bars of Hair Conditioner?

Made in Perth, Western Australia, these amazing soap free shampoo bars are starting to earn a name as a quality, superior option to liquid bottled shampoo. 

Customers who have tried this new brand, are coming back for more, with really positive things to say about their experience using these bars.

Just reading the ingredients in some of these bars gives you a glimpse of the quality you will receive when purchasing Amor Luminis:

·      Argan Oil

·      Murumuru Butter

·      French Green Clay

·      Calendula Extract

·      Cocoa & Shea Butter

And the fragrances are winning everyone over!

Now let me hop out of my hairdresser seat, and walk over to my greenie tree house. Have amazing clean soft hair and no nasty chemicals required!


·      No SLS/SLeS

·      No Parabéns

·      No Silicones

·      Phthalates Free

·      Soap Free & pH balanced

·      Palm Oil Free

·      Vegan & Cruelty Free

·      100% Compostable & Biodegradable Packaging


These things must be made out of clouds....maybe that's why your hair feels so soft after must be the clouds! (Eco Warehouse claim...not Amor Luminis :) !!)


No Nasties, no waste, save water, 36+ washes from a single shampoo bar, starting at $20.........get onto to it people!!!


Buy local, buy WA, buy Australian. Buy Amor Luminis!

Available now at Eco Warehouse.

Cheeki Stainless Steel Lunch Box-Lunchbox-Eco Warehouse Aus