Food Weigh & Pay

Bulk organic and/or Australian food sold on a weigh and pay basis. Purchase as little or as much as you need, and be confident that you are purchasing quality healthy food for you and your family.

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Almond Flour is also known as Almond Meal. This natural almond flour is creamy and speckled in colour as the husks or skins have not been removed prior to the almonds being ground into meal. Australian almond flour is a staple in a lot of pantries and uses Australian almonds. Almonds provide a natural source of protein, dietary fibre and vitamin E. It is a great substitute for gluten containing flours.

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Almonds are one of the most popular nuts around and have a creamy texture. Insecticide Free Raw Almond Kernels are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and processed and stored without the use of artificial chemicals.


These raw almonds are a great snack or throw them into a salad, stir-fry or trail mix. They provide a natural source of protein, dietary fibre, vitamin E and other goodness. They are also great to snack on to fight sugar cravings when trying to kick processed sugar!

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Arrowroot powder, also called Arrowroot flour or Arrowroot starch is an effective thickening agent used to add texture and structure in cooking and baking applications.


Arrowroot powder is made by extracting the starches from the tubers of the arrowroot plant,(Maranata Arundinaceaand is cultivated from tropical climates.This easily digestible starch is an excellent nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and corn-free thickener and binder. A huge plus is that it is flavourless, so it can be seamlessly added to savoury dishes and baked goods.


The Arrowroot starch is a very fine white powder that has excellent thickening abilities similar to corn starch.It also has no pronounced flavour and does not add opacity to sauces. If youare avoiding corn, potatoes, and gluten, Arrowroot starch is a good substitute for a thickening agent.


This white silky powder also works as a great thickener for many cosmetics, natural deodorants, and even body powder recipes.

Cacao Nibs Organic ($ per 100g) - 2003

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Cacao nibs (also sometimes labelled as cocoa nibs) are little bits of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao beans. Cacao nibs are essentially unprocessed chocolate and if you were to continue the chocolate making process, these nibs would then be ground into a paste called chocolate liquor. Add to that sugar and milk, and you'd eventually end up with a chocolate bar. You can eat them 'as is', grind them up and make chocolate or add to coffee, desserts, cereals & smoothies. Suitable for a raw food diet. Throw them into brownies, slices and biscuits, for instance, for a nut-like crunch with bonus chocolate flavour. They're also versatile enough to use in savoury dishes.


We love these tiny pieces of goodness for the chocolate flavour they deliver minus the sugary sweetness. They deliver big on the texture front, too - crunchy with a slightly cool mouthfeel, courtesy of cocoa butter.


These organic cacao nibs are the original heirloom royal Criollo Cacao from Xoconusco in Mexico. By buying this organic raw chocolate you are supporting a sustainable project that is rescuing this original heirloom variety of cacao, which has been grown by the Mayans of Xoconusco since they originally domesticated the cacao tree over 3,000 years ago.


Country of Origin: Peru

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Unlike many other cacao powders, these beans are not roasted prior to grinding. The skins are simply removed leaving the cacao nibs which are ground to liquor. This liquor is then cold pressed to make this premium raw cacao powder. Our Organic cacao powder has a rich, deep colour and a decadent full-bodied slightly bitter chocolate flavour and aroma. It is free of preservative and any artificial additives, and is non-GMO.


Organic Cacao Powder is great for baking, raw desserts and smoothies. Use as a nutritious substitute for cocoa powder in any recipe. To use, simply substitute cacao into any baking, cooking or beverage recipe calling for cocoa powder.


Eaten and cultivated by the ancient Mayans, cacao is considered a 'superfood' that will leave you feeling happy and revitalised. It is rich in antioxidants, and contains goodness such as magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc and more.

Country of Origin: Peru

GH Produce Rosemary & Salt Bush Nut Mix.

Paleo / Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Grain Free / Refined Sugar Free.


With a little bit of zing and just the right amount of chilli kick, these nuts are simply addictive! With “island life” inspiration driving this recipe, we have managed to source some of Australia’s finest native ingredients and blended them with traditional smoked chipotle and coconut. The result will give you and your palate and experience like no other. Enjoy with your favourite beverage and beach tunes!


Chef designed and handmade in Fremantle, Western Australia from local and imported ingredients.


Australian almonds, Australian macadamia nuts, organic cashews, WA sandalwood, organic pepita seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut chips, organic extra virgin coconut oil, WA honey, Australian sea salt, Australian desert lime, chipotle, Australian pepper berry, rosemary.


Nutritional Information

(PER 100g)


Energy: 2550 kJ

Protein: 14.4g

Fat Total: 55.2g

- Saturated: 12.3g

Carbohydrate: 12.5g

-Sugars: 8.8g

Sodium: 415mg


Dried Figs Organic ($ per 100g) - 3002

Gather Hunter Granola ($ per 100g) - 5304

by GH Produce
Sold out

Gatherer Hunter Granola 

Paleo / Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Refined Sugar Free / Vegan




When following the gather hunter way of life cereal and muesli can be sorely missed... but with this recipe you will never want to go back! It’s packed full of goodness, and most importantly crunchy clustery gold! Serve with your favourite milk or yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit.


Australian almond kernels, organic coconut chips, organic sultanas, organic coconut palm sugar, Australian almond meal, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic desiccated coconut, organic extra virgin coconut oil, WA extra virgin olive oil, organic chia seeds, filtered water, cinnamon, Australian flaky sea salt.


Nutritional Information

(per 100g)


Energy: 2350 kJ

Protein: 10.4g

Fat Total: 45.9g

- Saturated 19.3g

Carbohydrates: 25.2g

- Sugars 20.7g

Sodium: 49mg



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This cereal is a wholefood blend of Activated Cashews, Activated Brazil Nuts, Coconut Chips and no fruit or refined sugar anywhere! 


Organic Brazil Nuts ($ per 100g) - 1006
Organic Maple Syrup ($ per 100g) - 6005