Sinchies Reusable Wrap Pouch

by Sinchies
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Australia’s First reusable wrap pouch designed by Sam! 

Sam found it difficult to find something reusable,compact and long enough to put her wraps in when out and about, so she thought why not design her own wrap bag. Use them to replace the mountains of glad wrap that ends up in landfill. These Sinchies reusable wrap bags will save the environment, help reduce waste and save you money. Great addition to nude food and no waste lunch boxes

Like the rest of the Sinchies range these are so versatile – use them to store wraps, sushi, rice paper rolls, hot dogs, sausage rolls, snacks, toothpaste and toothbrush, colouring in pencils and textas or even use them for storing left over dinners and baby food cubes.

  • Featuring thick durable plastic, they are strong and sturdy & moisture resistant
  • They have a ziplock top making them airtight so your food stays as fresh as can be
  • There is a handy little tab at the top to help little fingers pull the reusable wrap bag/pouch open
  • These are clear so you can easily see the contents (& don’t forget great for cleaning too as you can see any bits left stuck inside)