White Oval Deodorant Screw Bottle 50ml

by Eco Warehouse
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Ideal for deodorants, body butters, insect repellent sticks, etc.

  • All parts are made of Polypropylene (PP)
  • Maximum filling temperature: 70 °C

Filling Instructions:

Leave the lid on the deodorant bottle. The lid holds a plastic cover in place that will stop your product from leaking out of the bottle and will mould the top into a clean rounded shape. Stand the tube upside down, on its flat lid to fill it through the hole in the base with your formula. Do not fill too hot! Maximum filling temperature of 70 °C. Fill the tube only until the plastic shelf you can see through the hole and allow the mix to set completely. If you fill higher than this shelf, it will only be a waste of product, unfortunately.

Once your deodorant has cooled down completely and is properly set: insert the disc into the hole to complete it and turn the bottle the right way up.