Sacred Little Owl Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle 40hr 200mL

by Sacred Little Owl
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Sacred Little Owl is a boutique, handmade product from Bridgetown in Western Australia. Made with soy wax and the captivating signature blend of essential oils that make Sacred Little Owl so unique and special. 


Features a wood wick, which crackles like a wood fire when it burns, adding to the special ambience created by the sound and fragrance of this beautiful candle.


The fragrance is universal and will be popular with anyone that encounters this beautiful range of products,


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Natural & Handmade with pure essential oils and soy wax
  • 200mL with approximately 40 hours burn time.
  • Wood Wick has been sized to ensure full melt of the candle and it will not drown