Nanny Goat Soap Co 100% Cotton Lux Cloths

by Nanny Goat Soap Co

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Handmade in Leschenault, WA - 100% Cotton cloth, which can be used for a variety of uses!

Wash your dishes, wash yourself, wash the kids, wash the family goat!

We recommend getting one for each of these uses and not multitasking, but the cloth won't mind, because it has been lovingly and individually made, by a hard working squad of South West grannies, who are part of a secrect artisan crochet society, dating back to when the craft was first invented!

These cloths are super soft and super useful and work best with a bar of Nanny Goat Soap, working hand in hand to scrub this world free of dirt!

Say no to mass produced and support a granny today!

Colour of cloths vary and are changing all the time. As such the design sent to you will be randomly selected.