KeepCup LongPlay - Glass Reusable Cup

by KeepCup
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The LongPlay is suitable for the following special groups of people:

Fussy Butter Fingers - Those that don't like drinking from anything other than glass, but just can't seem to keep hold of the damn glass!

Clowns - Those that are juggling so many things at once, that by the time you get back to drink your coffee, it is like baby water!

The Walking Dead - Operating at the most basic level of human existance due to severe sleep depravation, these creatures can only manage  the most simple vessel to transport copious amounts of super strong coffee down their gullets as quickly as possible.

Regular Joes - Pretty much anyone that doesn't fit into the above categories. 


KeepCup LongPlay features a removable clear plastic booster, added to blown tempered glass. Increases durability, maintains temperature and creates a double wall that protects touch. Plus it makes them about the most bounce friendly GLASS cup on the market.

Available in the large 12oz (340mL) or the fish tank size 16oz (454mL) great for our Walking Dead friends!


Plus it is dishwasher safe, has a 12 month warranty, and you can actually get spare parts and replace any worn out bits.

When it finally does bite the dust, it is 100% recyclable!