KeepCup Cork - Glass Reusable Cup

by KeepCup
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We love cork!

It's tough, durable and super light weight: It has low thermal conductivity, so you won't burn your fingers, moisture doesn't penetrate it easily, and it is a highly frictional material, meaning that even if wet or oily, it stays grippy!

So if you love cork as well, then the KeepCup Cork is right up your tree....your cork tree....see what we did there....because cork grows on a ...never mind!

Less plastic fantastic the better as far as we are concerned, and it feels oh so luxiourious and is a highly sustainable material as it harvested from cork tress without killing the trees, which live on to produce more and more cork.

Please note that the cup is not made only of cork. In fact, the cup is a beautiful glass which is super nice to drink out of, with a thin ring of cork seperating your finger tips from your piping hot liquid of choice...hence it is a super important componet of this beautiful KeepCup.

It is handwash only due to the awesome cork, but you can buy replacement parts for your cup and it is fully recyclable at the end of its life, so we think it is a real CORKER!!!!!