KeepCup Brew - Glass Reusable Cup 12oz (340mL)

by KeepCup
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Keep it simple with KeepCup.

If you want a reusable coffee or tea cup that doesn't take a degree to reassemble after cleaning it, and you don't need it to connect to NASA or be full of chips to pay for your drink for you and you don't need it to not leak whilst going Zorbing down Mt Everest, then KeepCup is for you!

Simple and quality. That sums up KeepCup.

The Brew glass KeepCup is a pleasure to drink fact it is our favourite cup to drink from, even when at home. Pop the lid off and it has a beautiful fine lip to stop drips and makes it a pleasure to drink from.

The tempered glass ensures that it doesn't affect the taste of your drink and the silicone band stops you from burning your fingers from Mum's scalding tea that is SOMEHOW hotter than boiling!

If you have to grab and run, the simple press top lid pops on and is splash proof for most regular folk! Note: Zorbing Lunatics are not normal folk :)

Plus it is dishwasher safe, 'cos ain't no-one got time for dishes, and along with a 12 month warranty, you can actually get spare parts and replace any worn out bits to keep your o'l fave kickin'.

When it finally does bite the dust, it is 100% recyclable!

If you want a cup for drinking out of, and that is easy to clean and will last longer than a Macca's cheeseburger, then a KeepCup Brew is for you.