Handmade & Marina Pure Castile Soap Bar

by Handmade-And-Marina

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Natural- Vegan- Gentle- Handcrafted

Thoughtfully crafted with WA grown & produced extra – virgin olive oil & lye. Suitable for people with skin sensitivities.


Handcrafted in small batches in Bunbury, Western Australia. 

Weight 100g-120g. Each bar is hand-crafted so varies slightly.

A note from Marina, who creates this soap:

"My Castile Soaps are made from 100% extra-virgin olive oil. I follow the more traditional route of soapmakers of the past to provide you a Castile soap that has always been well-known for its mild cleansing and moisturising properties.
In order to get the best use of these handcrafted soaps, rub onto a wash cloth or a loofah before using on the skin. Avoid sitting the soap in water and drain well after use".