Dental Lace Vegan Charcoal Floss - Plastic Free Glass & Refillable 60m

by Dental Lace

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Dental Lace charcoal vegan floss is made from a blend of bamboo and PET. Although this floss isn’t compostable it comes in the same beautiful refillable glass canister and biodegradable packaging as the silk floss does.

The Dental Lace comes with one full refillable canister, containing a 30m spool of vegan Dental Lace floss, as well as one 30m Refill spool, giving 60m total of floss.

The canister has a design in black and grey, looking very stylish. Refill packs are also available.

The boxes the floss comes in is made from post-consumer fibre, printed with soy based inks.