Compost-A-Pak 27L Home Compostable Bin Liners (Roll of 20)

by Compost-A-Pak
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Suitable for most smaller kitchen bins, this convenient bin liner with handles has been designed for Australian households, just like ours!

Made of corn, these durable organic liners are a great sustainable alternative to plastic liners. They are Australian Certified Compostable, for use in both Home composting bins, and Commercial composting facilities, so can be used with most Council organic waste collection programs.

When being used to collect organic kitchen waste, the liners will compost with the organic waste through microbial activity, in the same way as their parent plants, creating a rich soil enhancing compost, perfect for the family vegetable patch, or, in commercial quantities, for organic farming.


·      Single roll of 27 Litre Compost-A-Pak® Liners

·      Total of 20 Liners

·      Liner Size 625mm plus Handles, with open circumference of 1040mm

·      Suitable for use in a domestic kitchen bin such as a flip top unit.

·      Certified to Australian Commercial Composting Standard -AS4736- ABAP10019

·      Certified to Australian Home Composting Standard –AS5810-ABAP20001

·      Recommended Shelf Life of 12 Months