Cocoa Butter - Organic & 100% Natural ($ per 100g)

by Deluxe Shea Butter
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Our Food Grade Cocoa Butter is extracted from whole Cocoa Beans, and is used as a active ingredient for its beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects in many skin creams and moisturisers.


Some products with Cocoa Butter in them claim to have several benefits for skin health, such as alleviating dry skin and improving skin elasticity.


Our Cocoa Butter comes as a more dry butter when compared to Shea Butter, but melts down to an oil when heated, for easy addition to your skin care creations.


It smells just like chocolate, because it is a main ingredient in making chocolate, and our food grade Cocoa Butter can also be used to create your own chocolate, if you get bored of making skin products!!