BrewSmith Recipe Refill Sacks

by BrewSmith
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Now that you have made your first brew, you are no doubt keen to try another batch, or perhaps try a new flavour!

Your Recipe Refill Sack contains everything needed for your next brew and to make another 4 Litres of goodness:

-        Malt extract, hops, specialty grains, and premium brewing yeast

-        No-Rinse Sanitizer

India Pale Ale – The definitive craft beer

Originally, IPA’s were the only beers which could survive the long, hot ocean journey to, well….India. Hops, and alcohol are two things which help keep beer unspoiled, fresh, and delicious. This beer has them in abundance. Lots of crystal malt keeps it sweet and fruity, yet the bitterness and floral aromas of the hops balance it well. Top it off with some smooth alcoholic heat (7.1% ABV!) and this is one ultra flavourful beer.

Estimated ABV: 7.1% 

Summer Citrus Blonde Ale. This beer has sunshine and warm weather written all over it.

A bright and refreshing citrus blonde ale for those who love summer. Really easy drinking with coriander seed (included) and fresh lemon zest (add your own) finish off this home brewing recipe.

Sweet, crisp and refreshing. Get a few bags, because everyone will want to drink this one!

Estimated ABV: 5.1%