Biologika Bug Another Pest Repellent 125mL

by Biologika
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All natural and organic insect personal spray designed to safely protect you and your family whilst enjoying outdoor activities.

With Citronella essential oil as an Active ingredient.

1.Citronella essential oil as an Active ingredient @ 6.5%As popular and safe as the Citronella has always been in deterring insects, the combination used in €œBug Another€ is unique and effective.

2.Lavender essential oil in combination helps in deterring insects, but especially useful for its antiseptic anti-inflammatory properties

3.Lemon Myrtle contains 95% citral, which is what gives the unique lemony aroma and it is the most antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal of the Australian essential oils, more powerful than teatree and its very helpful with skin

4.Peppermint essential oils was historically found in four thieves vinegar€ or Marseilles vinegar, the very same vinegar that protected against the plague in the 15th century and it was developed by thieves who robbed graves that worked in the spice industry, for the simple reason that it had the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties of all oils.

5.Sage essential oil has traditionally been considered antiseptic, and antispasmodic, and this was used as the overall remedy against many problems and especially venereal disease and snakeFurthermore has been reported to act as a bactericide. The meaning of Sage is to heal or to be safe and unharmed.

6.Over and above, Aloe Vera Juice in high percentage has been added to protect and create a film over the skin, especially useful when outdoor and in sunny conditions.