Bath Soak Salts Bottle - 550g

by Eco Warehouse
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Relax and unwind in a soothing epsom salt bath soak.

Epsom salt has long been used to relieve muscle aches and tension and fragrant rose petals or calendula flowers not only and a touch of luxury but also add a hint of fragrance and colour to help you lose yourself in the moment and escape the daily grind.

Presented in an attractive clear glass bottle, this blend of different salts and botanicals has been designed to look great and and feel even better.

There is plenty of soak to get at least two tubs out of this bottle and is safe for the whole family to enjoy including young children and babies as there are no added essential oils or fragrances. 

There is no reason you couldn't add 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil directly to your bath water to get the added benefits of essential oils, but this is optional.



Epsom Salt, Rock Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Dried Flower Petals (Rose or Calendula)

NET Weight 550g