Amor Luminis Hair Shampoo Bar 60g

by Amor Luminis

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Everyone knows about bars of soap....but what about bars of Hair Shampoo, or bars of Hair Conditioner?

Made in Perth, Western Australia, these amazing soap free shampoo bars are starting to earn a name as a quality, superior option to liquid bottled shampoo. 

Customers who have tried this new brand, are coming back for more, with really positive things to say about their experience using these bars.

Just reading the ingredients in some of these bars gives you a glimpse of the quality you will receive when purchasing Amor Luminis:

·      Argan Oil

·      Murumuru Butter

·      French Green Clay

·      Calendula Extract

·      Cocoa & Shea Butter

And the fragrances are winning everyone over!

Now let me hop out of my hairdresser seat, and walk over to my greenie tree house. Have amazing clean soft hair and no nasty chemicals required!


·      No SLS/SLeS

·      No Parabéns

·      No Silicones

·      Phthalates Free

·      Soap Free & pH balanced

·      Palm Oil Free

·      Vegan & Cruelty Free

·      100% Compostable & Biodegradable Packaging


These things must be made out of clouds....maybe that's why your hair feels so soft after must be the clouds! (Eco Warehouse claim...not Amor Luminis :) !!)


No Nasties, no waste, save water, 36+ washes from a single shampoo bar, starting at $20.........get onto to it people!!!


Buy local, buy WA, buy Australian. Buy Amor Luminis!

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