African Black Soap Bar 150g

by Deluxe Shea Butter
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Natural Moisturising African Black Soap with Moringa and Neem oil

It looks like a dirty potato!

It is not made to please the eye, but from the instant you pick up black soap you can feel that it is not your average bar of soap.

It is very soft, due to the shea butter content, and as soon as it gets wet, it feels more like oil than soap, with thick creamy suds that are not black! Your skin will feel soft and clean, without any scent to cause irritation, this ugly little potato will become your new best friend!

This raw, all natural soap is made from the best quality ingredients, and is used for bathing, washing hair and removing make-up.


The kids will think you have gone mad when you get out your Spud, but just wait until you feel the results. Soft, smooth and not smelly!