Cacao Nibs Organic ($ per 100g)

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Cacao nibs (also sometimes labelled as cocoa nibs) are little bits of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao beans. Cacao nibs are essentially unprocessed chocolate and if you were to continue the chocolate making process, these nibs would then be ground into a paste called chocolate liquor. Add to that sugar and milk, and you'd eventually end up with a chocolate bar. You can eat them 'as is', grind them up and make chocolate or add to coffee, desserts, cereals & smoothies. Suitable for a raw food diet. Throw them into brownies, slices and biscuits, for instance, for a nut-like crunch with bonus chocolate flavour. They're also versatile enough to use in savoury dishes.

We love these tiny pieces of goodness for the chocolate flavour they deliver minus the sugary sweetness. They deliver big on the texture front, too - crunchy with a slightly cool mouthfeel, courtesy of cocoa butter.

These organic cacao nibs are the original heirloom royal Criollo Cacao from Xoconusco in Mexico. By buying this organic raw chocolate you are supporting a sustainable project that is rescuing this original heirloom variety of cacao, which has been grown by the Mayans of Xoconusco since they originally domesticated the cacao tree over 3,000 years ago.

Country of Origin: Peru

* Please Note: The price reflected is per 100 grams. If you order 1 unit of product, you will get 100g. If you would like a kilogram, for example, then you would select 10 units as 10 x 100grams = 1 kg.