Abode Laundry Powder - Refill *Top & Front Loader* ($ per 100g) - 7119

by Abode

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Abode Laundry Powder, which is suitable for both front and top loaders, contains no palm oil, artificial fragrances, or petrochemicals. And what's better - it's made in Australia!

Natural ingredients make up this highly concentrated formula, so that only a tablespoon is needed for superior cleaning quality. It works well on hot or cold cycles and is hypoallergenic.

Available in 3 fragrance types:


Lavender & Mint

Zero - with zero fragrance for sensitive skin

NOTE: This product will be dispensed from a bulk 15kg container and shipped in a paper bag or calico sack, depending on the quantity ordered. It is NOT supplied in Abode packaging.  

* Please Note: The price reflected is per 100 grams. If you order 1 unit of product, you will get 100g. If you would like a kilogram, for example, then you would select 10 units as 10 x 100grams = 1 kg.