Make It Yourself

There is nothing better than a tasty, fresh cheese, or a cool cold ginger beer on a hot summers day. It's even better if you know exactly what has gone into it and having the satisfaction of crafting it yourself. Join the world of MIY!
You will have an absolute ball making these authenticflavoured Vodkas.

Intense in flavour, with the rich and unmistakable taste of sun-ripened raspberries shining through.

So easy to make: just mix sachet in your bottle with 40% ABV according to sachet instructions, top up with water and they're ready to drink.

Each sachet makes 1 litre (1 US quart) of delicious flavoured Vodka.

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Classic QLD Gold Rum - Double sachet pack flavours up to 2.25 litres in total - Sachet Smooth golden rum with hints of vanilla and sweet caramel finish. Each sachet makes 1 litre, add essence sachet to 40% distilled alcohol.

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Peach vodka has been made across Eastern Europe for centuries and it's not hard to understand why. In a word, it's absolutely delicious. Okay, that's two words, but you get the idea. It's smooth and very mellow, with long lingering flavours and more-ish aromas that tantalize the nostrils with the scent of juicy fresh peaches.

Still Spirits “Vodka Shots” (Makes 1 L)

Still Spirits American Bourbon Spirit Essence

by Mad Millie
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Superior smooth rich Kentucky Bourbon,aromas of peach and oak. Ideal straight, over ice or with coke. 

Our customers have told us this tastes like Jim Beam.

Still Spirits Classic Spirit Essences are the very best. Each sachet contains the essential oils required to make the finest spirits.

Contains 2 sachets of Classic American Bourbon essence that make 1.125 Litres each. 

Mix with 2.25 Litres of 40% ABV alcohol. 

Ready to serve or store, but best enjoyed if you leave it for a couple of days to let the flavours blend.

Makes 2.25 litres of Jim Beam style Amercian Bourbon.