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Eco Max Hand/Nail Brush Medium Bristle-Bathroom-Eco Warehouse Aus

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A double-sided nail brush, handmade from rubberwood and natural Tampico fibre which is found in cactus. Tampico holds 65% more water than plastic, allowing you to scrub your nails without the need for running water and it will not bend and flatten.


- Ethically MAde in Sri Lanka

- Zero Waste. No Plastic, 100% Natural.


Dimensions: 9.5cm long x 3.5cm width x 5cm high


Note: If some bristles fall out during the first few uses….don’t freak out…it is probably just extra fibres that have not been secured during their hand making.

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This Body Brush is perfect for dry brushing and is made out of sustainable timber and natural vegetable fibres. Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka. 

Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

  1. Natural Exfoliant gently removing dry skin cells
  2. Increases Circulation for a healthy glow all year round
  3. Enhances Skin Detoxification stimulating your lymphatic system
  4. Stress Relief - the gentle pressure of brushing has a calming effect


Dimensions: 24cm long x 9cm width (widest point)

Note: If any fibres fall out when new don't worry that's extra fibres left in from when it's made. 


The Eco Max Range of Brushes are environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and entirely handmade so kind to the planet and environment.

Using Fair Trade principles all the handmade components use natural unbleached materials, such as the Alistonia timber and sisal or waste products, such as the coco fibre from coconut husks and rubberwood, a waste product from rubber production. Even the sealant used on the timber is a non-toxic toy paint sealer so it’s animal and child-friendly and the wire is galvanised so it won’t rust.

The Eco Max Range can be put into your compost bin where they will breakdown naturally leaving only a piece of wire to recycle.



Eco Max Foot Brush - Hard Bristle

by Eco Max
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The Eco Max Foot Brush is handmade from natural coconut fibre that is hard and idea for wet or dry use. Combine with your favourite soap and give a rigorous scrub to remove grime and old skin to leave your feet baby soft.


-       Ethically Made in Sri Lanka as a Fair Trade Product

-       Zero Waste – No Plastic. 

-       Made from Coconut Fibre & sustainable Rubberwood.




Total Length: 16.5cm

Length of Brush: 12.5cm

Width: 5.5cm

Height: 3cm

Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber-Kitchen-Eco Warehouse Aus Sold out

Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber

by Eco Max
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Replace the green nylon pot scourer with a biodegradable, vegan, coconut fibre scrubber. The natural bristles get into all those hard to clean appliances and utensils and it won't scratch enamelware. Coconut fibre lasts longer, it won't become greasy and is great for all your pots & pans, mesh strainer, micro graters, they even work wonderfully on the bread board.
Eco Max Non-Stick Pan Brush-Kitchen-Eco Warehouse Aus