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Poppy Chef's Towel Sold out

Poppy Chef's Towel

Poppy Chef's Towel

by Charles Viancin
Sold out

Charles Viancin introduces beautiful design and high heat silicone to the versatile kitchen towel! The cotton Poppy Chef Towel is generously sized at 27" l x 17.5" w and bordered with a sewn red band. The towel is an antique white adorned with vivid red and black poppies, but a closer look reveals that the two large poppies at opposing corners are actually built-in high heat resistant silicone pot holders. The silicone is safe for use to handle pans and baking dishes up to 450°F and there is plenty of room between the two to safely carry large trays. The potholders provide excellent grip as well as buffer heat. The Charles Viancin Poppy Chef Towel is machine washable and measures 27" l x 17.5" w.


  • Generously sized cotton towel with built-in heat resistant silicone pot holders
  • Popular Poppy design in vivid red, black and white
  • Built-in silicone pads are located at corners to insulate hands from heat and provide grip
  • Sewn red border
  • Machine washable
  • 27" l x 17.5" w