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The 29L safety razor in lavender is designed for women. The long thin handle is excellent for women who prefer a double edge safety razor. The decorative long handle is highly textured which makes shaving in the shower with wet soapy hands a breeze. With its traditional butterfly twist-to-open design and when used with a quality blade, it will deliver a smooth and comfortable shave every time!

Razor type: Butterfly Open

Weight: 82 grams

Length: 11.2cm

Handle Material: Genuine brass frame, lavender annodized chrome plated.

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Part of the new breed learning from old standards, the Parker 26C Three Piece Black Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor is designed for the experienced or adventurous. A little more ruthless than your average razor, it's even better at providing an incredibly close shave that excels on tough and long beards. Solid and heavyweight, it's a perfect example of why Parker is the go-to brand for shaving excellence. Thanks to the incredible affordability of double edge razor blades, the 26C is also a wise investment for your wallet when contrasted against the exorbitant refill prices of Mach 3 equivalents. 


The Parker 26C Three Piece Black Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor takes all standard double edge blades which are changed by unscrewing the top part and dropping the blade in. 


The Parker 26C Three Piece Black Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor is 93g of solid brass, designed to marry accuracy and durability unlike any other razor. Possessing a 4 inch handle, its length and matte black design encourages a stronger grip while the Open Comb head allows for more of the blade to connect to skin while shaving. The result is a closer feeling shave that'll surprise even storied experts.
The NEW PARKER 26C is a heavyweight SAFETY RAZOR with Parker's open comb head for a close shave! This razor is a smooth shaver! Many people prefer open comb razors as they are slightly more aggressive than the more popular closed comb models. This is a beautiful safety razor for either your own use or as a gift! Parker open comb head provides an extremely close shave!
· Solid brass frame for durability with stunning black handle!
· 10.1CM long textured handle for a sure grip - even with wet hands!
· 93 GRAMS- Heavyweight design
· A genuine Parker Safety Razor product