Natural Cleaning Products

It's not true that you need chemicals to clean your home or business. There are heaps of amazing natural cleaning products available that will have your home or workplace sparkling, and you feeling great, free of headaches and skin irritations.

That Red House100% Pure Wool Dryer Balls - 6 Pack

by That Red House
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100% Australian pure wool dryer balls.

Simply pop three balls in your dryer with your wet clothes and let them do their magic. 

* Reduce drying time and your power bill by absorbing moisture and creating air pockets in the load for better circulation and a more even distribution of heat.

* Eliminate static and the need for wasteful dryer sheets.

* Reduce wrinkles (sorry, not from your face).

* A one off purchase that will last a lifetime - over 10,000 dryer loads. 

* 100% WASTE FREE!!!

Pack of 6 - Tennis Ball Size Wool Balls
3 x grey - for darks loads
3 x white - for light loads