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Beans Adzuki Australian ($ per 100g) - 2005

by Eco Warehouse
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These Australian grown Adzuki beans are primarily used for sweetened culinary applications in Asian nations, such as in the preparation of natto in Japan. When adzuki beans are boiled and sweetened into a red bean paste, the applications are endless, in savory dishes, sweet desserts, sushi, candy, cakes, or as a topping for waffles, biscuits, or bread. It can even be used to make ice cream. Most people think of beans as savory, but adzuki beans are meant to be sweet.


Like most bean varieties, Australian Adzuki beans are high in dietary fibre, one of the key elements of digestive health. Adzuki beans also contain a significant amount of protein, which is a crucial element in our diet, particularly for vegetarians and vegans who don’t get protein from animal sources.


These Australian Adzuki beans are also said to heelp prevent and manage diabetes and also to aid in weight loss!