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The Physic Garden Nursing Balm

The Physic Garden Nursing Balm

by The Physic Garden

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Natural & Vegan Soothing Breastfeeding Balm

For some Mums, breastfeeding can be a challenge; nipples can becomes sore, cracked & inflamed. That's where our Nursing Balm can help to ease the discomfort and transition for newly breastfeeding Mums.

Nursing Balm combines natural oils and herbs, Calendula, Lavender & Blessed Thistle, traditionally used by breastfeeding mums to moisturise dry, cracked nipples. It can also be used by mums-to-be to promote elasticity & moisturise to prepare for breastfeeding in the third trimester. Ideal for Mum and Baby, with gentle, all natural ingredients.

Nursing Balm is a unique and thoughtful gift for baby showers and new mamas.

Natural Nursing Balm:

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free From Petroleum Jelly, Paraffins, Alcohol & Beeswax
  • Naturopathically Formulated
  • Contains Calendula, Lavender & Blessed Thistle
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia
  • Vegan 
  • Certified Cruelty-Free (tested on humans, not animals)


Shea Butter*, Olive Oil infused with Calendula*, Lavender* & Blessed Thistle*, Apricot Oil (*Certified Organic Ingredient)

Shea Butter - Organic & high in Vitamin E, it moisturises skin & glides on like butter.

Calendula & Blessed Thistle - Naturally anti-bacterial & soothing for skin.

Lavender - Traditionally used to soothe Skin.

Ethically Made:

The Physic Garden only source the highest quality ingredients from organic, sustainable and fair-trade sources wherever possible. Handmade with love in small batches in Melbourne Australia, so we can assure quality and freshness.

Bug-Grrr Off Jungle Strength Formula Spray is an effective insect repellent which is designed for hot, humid, jungle-like environments. This spray keeps you bug-free for up to 6 hours after application.


While most commercial options will use chemicals like Deet to deter insects, Bug-Grrr Off uses the scientifally proven PMD (Repellin ™), an acid which is a modified extract of Australian Lemon Scented Eucalyptus.


This product is not designed to kill insects (by poisoning either them OR you). Instead, the powerful combination of natural extracts and essential oils makes you virtually undetectable to their senses. The PMD is combined with Lavender and Sandalwood to keep them off your scent along with Aloe, Chamomile, Green Tea and Cucumber for their calming and soothing effects in the essential oil blend.


Made in Australia. Vegan. Palm oil free.