The Original Pure Essential Oil Calm Balm 40mL

by Beauty & the Bees
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For those seeking a portable, convenient, 100% chemical-free way to help soothe headaches, promote wellbeing and relieve stress- less messy than oil- and it’s a delicious natural perfume too!

A natural solid wax balm rich in essential oils renowned for their soothing relaxing, de-stressing, soothing, pain-relieving, calming, properties.

Contains Australia’s newest, exciting essential oil Kunzea, from Tasmania-receiving, wide acclaim for its many benefits.
Its unusually pleasant aroma used in a water burner, refreshes a room and most who experience it, feel a relaxing relief from nervous tension, and mild anxiety. This methods is also useful to provide relief from symptoms of influenza, soothing the respiratory tract.

Steam distilled from native Tasmanian  Kunzea Ambigua plants, which are grown naturally and without the use of fertilisers. Native vegetation is harvested by an efficient commercial farming technique which allows the plants to regrow from rootstock.

Early pioneers and hunters noted that native animals often slept under this species, and concluded that they were infected by ticks and other mites, insects etc. from the bush, hence the common name of “Tick Bush”.

Today, it is thought that the reverse is true, that native animals were in fact seeking relief from infestations by brushing against, sleeping or lying under this species.

Using the fingertips, smooth a small amount on to pulse points (temples, wrists, etc.) nape of neck, or anywhere desired. Work in well, massaging deeply.

As with all products containing essential oils, avoid contact with mucous membranes.