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The new Urban Composter bokashi bucket has some clever attributes to help you compost more.  Choose from 4 lid colours.


Choose between the large Urban Composter Bucket for Large Families or the new smaller design Urban Composter City which are both Bokashi buckets, that maximises capacity and use an easy to handle Bokashi spray. The smaller City is a perfect size for couples, small families and apartment living and small enough to fit comfortably under the sink.  Both sizes feature a new improved easy-clip lid and internal tap design!


Completely air tight so no smells or flies and looks great in any kitchen. All types of food scraps can be added including greens, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee grounds, wilted flowers, egg shells and more. Turns organic scraps and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer right on your bench top, with no bad smells!


The Urban Composter is an anaerobic composting system that uses microorganisms to ferment food scraps so they can quickly break down when buried into soil.  The result is a rich & nutritious soil conditioner.


The Urban Composter includes:


  • 1 x Urban Composter bucket & lid
  • 1 x drain tray and tap


The Urban Composter system applies the Bokashi micro-organism from a spray bottle, so there is no need to cart around and store the sawdust/grain option that is used as a carrier for the micro-organism.  That said, you can use either form of Bokashi powder or spray bottle with either system.   


you are making a difference:


  • Return your food scraps to the earth to enrich the soil, reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions.


how does it work:


  • Cut up your food scraps and throw them into the Urban Composter bucket.
  • Spray Compost Accelerator onto the scraps every time they are added (recommend 4-5 sprays evenly over scraps).  Bokashi grain mix can also be used if desired.
  • Push scraps down to compact the layers each time and ensure lid is sealed.
  • In just a few days you can drain off the soil conditioner from the tap.
  • When the bucket is full, simply drain all the remaining liquid, dilute it and add to plants.  Dig the remaining pulp into some soil and leave it to settle for 6-8 weeks.
  • The treated soil is ready to spread on the garden, top dress your lawn or add to your plant pots for some great results.
  • When emptied clean only with Citrus Natural Cleaner spray as this won't harm microbes inside composter, or fresh water.

Urban Composter is now 100% Australian made as well as being designed and marketed by a small Australian family business.




City Composter Capacity: 8 litres

Bucket Dimensions: 23cm diameter at top(base is smaller) and 27cm high


Large Bucket Urban Composter Capacity: 15 litres

Bucket Dimensions: 29cm diameter, 40cm at back, 35cm at front.


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