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One roll of 20 completely compostable bags perfect for lining your kitchen food scraps bin. These bags are made using sustainably sourced plant starch and as such compost in a well-functioning composting environment just like any other plant will.

Made from corn starch, so just like corn it breaks down in compost. Years of research have allowed for the production of a bag that not only breaks down fast in compost to become plant food but allows it to keep on the shelf for about 2 years without losing much strength.

Certified Home Compostable - European Standard EN 13432

Certified Commercially Compostable Australian Standard 4736. 

BioBag Food Storage Resealable Bags-Compostable Bags-Eco Warehouse Aus

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BioBag have 100% compostable snap lock bags perfect for snacks & lunches. 


They meet the Australian Standard AS4736-2006 for compost (Commercial) because they are made from corn starch. This means the whole bag can be placed in a Green Organics bin when you can no longer use them without even removing the zip lock.


The bags are ‘breathable’ so they keep the food inside fresh for longer.


These bags are the first of their kind and are not available in supermarkets.


Compost-A-Pak Compostable Bags 10 Pack-Compostable Bags-Eco Warehouse Aus

Compost-A-Pak Compostable Bags 10 Pack

by Compost-A-Pak

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Made of corn, these durable organic liners are a great sustainable alternative to plastic liners, and suitable for medium office or household bins.


Australian Certified Compostable, once used, they can be compostable in both Home composting bins, and Commercial composting facilities, so can be used with most Council Organic Waste Collection programs.


When being used to collect organic waste for composting, the liners will breakdown with the organic waste through microbial activity, in the same way as their parent plants, creating a rich soil enhancing compost, perfect for the family vegetable patch, or, in commercial quantities, for organic farming.


Product Description

·      Fold of 60  or 240 Litre Compost-A-Pak® Liners

·      Total of 10 Liners – approx. 4 weeks supply (2-3 per week) 60L or 10 weeks supply 240L

·      60L Suitable for use in a medium size domestic bin, such as a 60L MultiSort

·      240L Suitable for use in a stasndard size domestic wheely bin

·      Certified to Australian Commercial Composting Standard -AS4736- ABAP10019

·      Certified to Australian Home Composting Standard –AS5810-ABAP20001

·      Recommended Shelf Life of 12 Months