Eco Warehouse Weigh & Pay VIP Founding Membership

by Eco Warehouse
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Purchase a Weigh & Pay VIP Founding Membership for $50 to help raise some much needed funds to setup and purchase all of the sought bulk products.

What's in it for you?

For your $50 dollars, you will get $50 credit towards your future bulk weigh & pay raw ingredients purchased from Eco Warehouse AND get 10% off your weigh & pay purchases for LIFE! So you will get your money back when you make your first purchase/s, plus save 10% off your ongoing raw ingredients!!!

So far we plan to have 40 different raw products available, as requested by you, plus a range of packaging products such as glass jars, bottles and dispensers.

If you already buy these products online, please consider this as a pre-purchase for $50, and it will save you money. Our pricing will be cheaper per kilo than what you can buy a kilo online from say Blants, which we saw mentioned, because we will be buying bulk, and passing the savings onto our customers. Plus, you won't have to pay freight...unless you order online. If we can get 20 people to sign up, it will pay for about half of the products, and allow us to have a larger range, much sooner!